Q: What is a codec and is it the same as a file format? 

A: A codec is software used to compress or decompress a digital media file, like a song or video, that
takes up less storage and can be transferred easier. Codecs and file formats are not the same. You can play some files, but not others in the same format, depending on which codecs were used to compress them and which codecs you have installed.

Q: How do I determine what format a file is in? 

A: Sometimes it can be as easy as looking at the file's extension (i.e. .wma, .avi, .mp3). Some exceptions include custom file extensions, renaming without changing the format, and files compressed by a codec (example: an AVI file compressed by an MPEG video codec could have the extension .mpg). If you still don't know, your audio/video player may be able to tell you.

Q: An error occured during/after installation, what should I do? 

A: If you have run into an error or have any issues with Windows Media Codec Pack, please contact us and we'll work to have your problem solved!